Kris and Rebecca Hodges

Kris and Rebecca have been on staff with Cru since 2004.  Both involved with Cru as students, Kris attended the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a Master’s in Information Systems and Rebecca attended N.C. State with a Bachelor’s in Communication.  They met at Cru Staff Training and dated long distance until they got married and moved to Atlanta in 2005.  Kris and Rebecca have a daughter named Piper and two sets of twin boys, Colt and Case, and Jasper and Jaxson.  Cru played a significant role for both of them in their spiritual growth as college students and it is a great privilege for Kris and Rebecca to serve with Cru at KSU, where they have been on staff since 2006.


Kevin and Lydia Eaton

Kevin and Lydia have been on staff with Cru since 2011. They were both involved in Cru at the University of Central Florida located in Orlando, FL. They got married and joined staff soon after they graduated in 2010. Because Cru was a huge part of their college experience and helped them grow spiritually, they wanted to be part of that in other’s lives, too.  Kevin is at KSU and Lydia is on the Operations Team for the Southeast Regional Office where they have been since August of 2012. Kevin is a magician and uses ‘illusions’ to connect relationally with others and Lydia has a green thumb, hoping to grow a garden with fresh produce when they have a yard!

Lady joined their family in November of 2014 and they are excited to watch her grow up!


Katie Mair

Katie has been on staff with Cru since 2011. She is a graduate of KSU with a degree in psychology where she was involved with Cru as a student. God used her time in Cru at KSU to dramatically change her life. After college, Katie spent two years living in Sarajevo, Bosnia with Cru. After moving back to the States, she joined the Cru staff team at KSU, and loves connecting with students and helping them grow spiritually.