Men and women from around the world end up in Miami, Florida to study, work, and live. Miami is a key place for the Gospel because the majority of people that live there are only there for a few years and then go back to their home country. What kind of difference could God make in their life through you? How could that change a nation?

Miami Summer Project (MSP) is a 10 week project in which students get a job, learn how to share their faith with co-workers, and find great, Christ-centered community. Many students come back from MSP with a renewed vision of reaching their campus with God’s love, talking with classmates, roommates, and friends about how their relationship with God has changed their life.

Miami Summer Project- 10 weeks in Miami, FL
Type: Get a job, evangelism training, leadership development, understanding Christian community/fellowship, discipleship training, Bible Study training, story development
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Student Testimonials

MSP Students at beach

          “Going on Miami Summer project after my sophomore year of college was such an experience, one that I will never forget! What is so cool about any Summer Project is raising support. It is such a great time to place all your trust in The Lord, that He will provide. And He will! This particular Summer Project was really amazing because I truly got to see God move in ways that I had never really experienced before. I truly had to start trusting God for this trip even before I got there. It was crazy to see God provide the funds for it, even amongst my doubt.

          When you get to Miami, it’s almost like you are in a different world. It’s an international mission trip when in reality it is right here, in the U.S.  For me, the culture was so different than what I was used to, but it was awesome. The first couple of weeks, you are immersed in such a great community of believers, you all come together trusting God to provide jobs (mission fields), and you encourage each other as you pray for those opportunities.  These jobs become your mission field, allowing you to learn the valuable skill of witnessing to co-workers.  Also, once a week you get the sweet opportunity to go to colleges and share the gospel with students. There are also many opportunities to go sharing around the city.

          My biggest takeaway was asking The Lord to give me His heart for the lost. He did. It came through lots of prayer and faith God. One cool story that I will share was an answer to prayer. One Monday morning, before going to campus to share with students, I just simply asked God to allow me to have the opportunity to lead someone to Christ. Guess what? The first student we talked to that day prayed to receive Christ into his heart. I was blown away by God. I could talk forever about all the things I saw God do but for now, I will just say go to Miami, trust God, and see what He can do through you.

                                        -Michael Flores, class of 2015, Nursing Major

          “Going to Miami Summer Project was a decision put on my heart by God to stretch myself and live intentionally for the purpose of glorifying Him throughout the summer. If I were to describe the summer in three words they would be: God, Mission, and Community. On a daily basis I had the opportunity to watch God’s will be carried out in my life, the lives of my peers, and the lives of those we reached out to.  We had a clear mission to not only grow in our relationship with God and as leaders, but to reach those of Miami with the glory of the gospel. We did this through outreach on college campuses, our workplaces, and our own personal time we would dedicate to evangelism.

          I am proud to say that the driving force was the amazing community that was formed with peers who experienced the same struggles and daily challenges that I had. Everyone works as a team to accomplish common goals. We encouraged each other spiritually and recreationally during small groups, game nights, worship nights, and fun evenings out in Miami. My ultimate take away is that there are a plethora of people stateside and internationally who need to here the gospel. You could be the one God uses to share it with them! Would you allow yourself to be used by God this summer in Miami?”

-Brandon Sardine, Class of 2016, Exercise science Major
Religious studies Minor