Every summer you have many opportunities to choose from: get a job, take classes, go home, go overseas, etc. As you look to be wholly involved in God’s mission, what is God’s call for you this summer?

Imagine what it would be like to have an adventure in Italy, telling others about God’s love for them, that it is not about going to church, but about having a personal relationship with Jesus. Or going to beautiful, sunny Miami, Florida, getting a job for 8-10 weeks, and learning what it means to share the Gospel with co-workers who you do life with.

What if you could make a difference in eternity this summer?

Listen to a short message from Pastor and Speaker, Louie Giglio, from Passion City Church:

Check out our summer projects, stateside and international, along with our leadership focused summer opportunities.

Cru has so many opportunities to serve and grow in relationship with Christ check some of them out here!


What kind of impact will you make for eternity this summer?
How could you your life be changed this summer?