The project is designed to help you grow in your walk with the Lord, build lasting friendships, and develop a passion for reaching the world with the Gospel. Outreach on this project takes place on campuses in Miami as well as the community. You will be trained in how to have an effective ministry in your sphere of influence on campus — whether with students in your class, greek system or other unreached parts of your campus.

We’re not going to hide this fact, though. You will have an impact on your co-workers as well as students and residents of Miami. However, the one who will be affected the most will be you. The trajectory of your life will change as you fall in love with God. He has exciting adventures that you never dreamt about. 

Come help change the world right here in the U.S.!

Do you have a passion for unreached people groups? Miami is the second most unchurched city in the US, yet there is great openness to the gospel among students. The world has come to Miami! This project focuses on reaching students on campus as well as working to make an impact in the community. Join us in an exciting, life changing city!!

Come to Miami so that you can move closer to being the Real You – someone who is in love with the Father!